A collection of tools for developing and testing CiviCRM.
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Buildkit is a collection of ~20 tools for developing and testing CiviCRM.


For installation instructions and other documentation, see CiviCRM Developer Guide: Buildkit.

Bundled tools

  • CiviCRM
    • civix - Generate skeletal code for CiviCRM extensions.
    • civistrings - Scan code for translatable strings (*.pot).
    • cividist - Generate tarballs from a series of git branches/tags.
    • cv - Administer a Civi DB. Execute custom PHP in Civi.
  • Dependency management
    • composer - Manage dependencies for PHP code.
    • bower - Manage dependencies for Javascript code.
  • Source code management
    • git-scan - Manage a large number of git repositories.
    • gitify - Convert a CiviCRM installation to a git repo.
    • hub - Send commands to github.com.
  • Source code quality
  • Site management
    • amp - Abstracted interface for local httpd/sql service (Apache/nginx/MySQL).
    • civibuild - Build a complete source tree (with CMS+Civi+addons), provision httpd/sql, etc.
    • civihydra - Create a series test sites for several CMSs. (Extends civibuild.)
    • drush and drush8 - Administer a Drupal site.
    • joomla (joomla-console) - Administer a Joomla site.
    • wp (wp-cli) - Administer a WordPress site.
  • Testing