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CiviCRM 5.20.0

Released December 4, 2019


Does this version...?
Fix security vulnerabilities? yes
Change the database schema? yes
Alter the API? yes
Require attention to configuration options? yes
Fix problems installing or upgrading to a previous version? yes
Introduce features? yes
Fix bugs? yes

Security advisories


Core CiviCRM

  • Replace complex logic in email templates with simple logic on billing name and credit card (dev/core#1344: 15653, 15688, 15646, 15651, 15682 and 15680)

    The Billing Name and Address and Credit Card Information sections are now included when the billing name and credit card type fields are available, respectively. This replaces template-based logic regarding the payment method, amount, waitlist status, and more with the logic used when collecting and processing this information.

  • Contact Display Name vs Email Greeting in Workflow templates (dev/core#781: 15491)

    This ensures all standard workflow message templates use the contact's email greeting. Before this change some standard workflow message templates used a hard-coded "Dear" followed by the display name.

  • Workflow templates - Update 'Thank You' & other text corrections (dev/core#1316: 15749, 15745, 15503 and 15751)

    Improves grammar and readability of the standard workflow templates.

  • Workflow templates - Include displayname in subject (dev/core#1320: 15513)

    This adds a contact's display name to the subject of some workflow templates to make them more personal, less likely to be grouped together by email clients, and more likely to be opened.

  • Replace Open Flash Charts with charts that work (15448, 268, 267 and 15493)

    These changes move CiviCRM charts to use dc.js (which is based upon Crossfilter and D3.js) instead of the outdated Open Flash Chart library.

  • Add freeform relative date for 'This Fiscal Year' (14894)

    Adds support for freeform relative dates (this_n.year & this_n.fiscal_year). To utilize this new functionality administrators must add an option value to the relative_date_filters option group.

  • Remove the sentence: "Please print this page for your records." from the various CiviCRM tpls (dev/core#371: 15467)

    Removes the text "Print for your records" to discourage people from wasting paper.

  • Remove Print Icon (15322)

    This removes the print icon from the upper left hand corner of all pages. The icon generally linked to a version of the page stripped of styling, but printing the page through the browser's normal print command nearly always looks better.

  • Replace all instances of CRM_Core_Fatal with throw new CRM_Core_Exception (Work towards dev/core#560: 15608 and 15623)

    Works towards throwing exceptions (instead of fatal errors) in several places including if aborting because if a type of a param error.

  • Make relationship description searchable (dev/core#1257: 15358)

    Exposes the relationship description field to the advanced search form.

  • Add in method to allow extensions to opt out of using temporary table when building ACL Contact Cache (15701)

    Adds in getter and setter functions and a static class variable to determine if a temporary table should be used when building the ACL contact Cache

  • Re-arrange change log advanced search panel so both modified fields are next to each other (15712)

    This switches the modified date and changed date to appear in the reverse order in order to improve the appearance.

  • Schema changes for PaymentProcessor and PaymentProcessorType to support apiv4 entities (15733)

    Begins work to add PaymentProcesor and PaymentProcessorType entities to APIv4.

  • Remove CIVICRM_SUPPORT_MULTIPLE_LOCKS and make it always enabled if available (15604)

    Makes CIVICRM_SUPPORT_MULTIPLE_LOCKS turned on by default so that by default sites can use multiple locks on modern versions of MySQL/MariaDB.

  • Add help text to payment processor subject field (15590)

    Improves consistency by adding a help icon to the subject field on the "Settings - Payment Processor" form (CiviCRM Admin bar -> Adminster -> System Settings -> Payment Processors add or edit a payment processor).

  • Generic Settings Pages: Make getSettingPageFilter() public so we can use it in hooks (15576)

    Makes the _filter property available in hooks so extension developers can use it.

  • Update api3 explorer url path for consistency (15597)

    Changes the path to access the Api3 explorer to civicrm/api3 so that it is consistent with civicrm/api4, civicrm/api now redirects to civicrm/api3.

  • Improvements to copying events and contribution pages (15144)

    Ensures when an admin copies an event or contribution page the current user ID and time are stored in the created_date and created_id fields. Additionally, ensures when copying a contribution page the user is redirected to the 'edit' screen for the newly copied page.

  • Allow custom ts functions in extensions; defer custom ts calls until booted (15411)

    Makes it possible for developers to write custom translate functions in extensions.

  • Update Sending Emails section of configuration checklist (dev/core#1278: 15359)

    Improves the readability of the "Sending Emails" section of the configuration checklist.

  • Support street address sorting for contact detail report (15581)

    Improves the "Contact Detail" report template by making it possible to sort by "Street Address".


  • Unable to use url search arguments in 'Advanced Search' using force=1 (Work Towards dev/core#692: 15370)

    Improves the "Find Cases" form's ability to accept url arguments.

  • Convert case activity links to 'actionLinks' (14349)

    Converts Case activity links to use actionLinks so they can be accessed by extension developers using the hook hook_civicrm_links.

  • Format details for case custom data activity in a human readable format (13365)

    Improves readability of the activity details saved to case "Change Custom Data" activities.


  • Payment processor names: separate internal and external usage (dev/financial#2: 15418, 15497, 15617 and 15632)

    Adds a new field "Payment Processor Title" to the "Edit Payment Processor" form if configured the title will appear on front end forms. This allows administrators to configure internal and external names for payment processors. For example, internally a payment processor may be called "Action Fund - Stripe" while externally It may use the label "Credit Card". Ensures that the front end title of the payment processor is used in receipts when available.

  • Payments - Where do we store IDs from payment processor? (dev/financial#57: 15468)

    Adds an order_reference field to civicrm_financial_trxn table. The order_reference field is intended to hold the payment processor provided external reference to an order / invoice (when applicable/possible).

  • New methodology for storing template contributions (Work towards dev/financial#72: 15472, 15470, 15550, 15431, 15456, 15433 and 15419)

    Moves towards a new methodology for storing template contributions by: using a standard function to create contribution status dropdowns for batch contribution entry and the batch pending contribution status update task, adds a new contribution status "Template", adds an is_template field to contributions. Adds some logic surrounding pulling Contributions templates using the new is_template field.

  • should handle 'invoice_id' & map it to a getter so processors can retrieve it (dev/financial#77: 15639)

    Makes contribution_id required when calling the API.

  • Order.create should not require total amount (dev/financial#73: 15501)

    Updates the Order.create API to require total_amount OR line_items instead of solely requiring total_amount.

  • Order api updates to fix participant handling & deprecate creating 'completed (15514)

    Improves the Order api by making it so status is no longer required for creating participants and creating completed orders is deprecated.

  • Develop getter & setter structure for Payment classes (Work towards dev/financial#82: 15707 and 15509)

    Begins work to refactor how CRM_Core_Payment works so that doPayment accepts a consistent defined set of variables.

  • Contribution Summary report only shows first 50 entries (dev/core#1252: 15528)

    Adds support for paging on the Contribution Summary Report.

  • Provide precautionary handling for theoretical error scenario. (15748)

    Provides protection against fatal errors when adding payments if financial_items have not been created.

  • Support chaining Payment.create from Order api (15548)

    Adds support to chain a Payment.create call from an Order.create api call.

  • Translate two string in AdditionalPayment form (15577)

    Translates two strings on the Additional Payment form.

WordPress Integration

  • Switch WP over to new installer (dev/wordpress#37: 165)

    Improves the CiviCRM installation process for WordPress sites by redirecting users to an install screen when the CiviCRM plugin is activated.

Bugs resolved

Core CiviCRM

  • Add support for bulkcreates (Work towards dev/core#1093: 15599)

    Fixes a fatal error when updating a custom field with logging enabled.

  • Attachment API for event custom field gives: Failed to run Permissions checks (dev/core#1205: 15580)

    Fixes a bug where using the Attachment API for a custom file field would fail with a permission denied error.

  • Email Processor drops the other attachments if there's more than 3 (dev/core#1270: 15438)

    Fixes a bug where the email processor would drop attachments if there were more attachments in the incoming email than the limit set at system settings - misc.

  • Fix CSS for public select2 elements regardless of parent theme box-size (15442)

    Fixes the height of select2 boxes (so that they do not appears squished) on front facing forms across CMS's and browsers.

  • CiviCRM Dashboard does not respect multiple domains (dev/core#1200: 15283)

    Ongoing fixes for the CiviCRM Dashboard when using multiple Domains.

  • Warning: array_key_exists(): The first argument should be either a string or an integer in CRM_Contact_Form_Search::getModeValue() (dev/core#1347: 15650)

    Fixes a php warning on the advanced search form when opening some accordions.

  • Report improvements (CRM-21677: 15567)

    Removes redundant gender evaluation code from the Case Demographic Report template.

  • Re-installation of Extension With Custom Fields and Logging Enabled Causes Error (dev/core#1383: 15816)

  • Php 7.3 fix - don't mis-use continue (15737)

    Fixes some php warnings regarding using continue where break would be preferable for sites running PHP 7.3.

  • Allow to work with either upper/lower case for CMS name to match elsewhere (15647)

    Ensures works with both Proper and lower case CMS names.

  • Make sure labels match the actual date input format (15520)

    Ensures the labels of the date input format dropdown (under /civicrm/admin/setting/date) match the actual value of the formats.

  • Can't search for activity subjects starting with 1 - and many more caching issues (dev/core#1411: 15918)

    The query to fill the SQL cache would fail in a variety of cases, either returning no results or running a fresh, uncached set of results.

  • Fix fatal error when sorting by status in activity search (15923)

  • E Notice 'info' Extension.php:248 -> When installing via cv (dev/core#1371: 15762)

  • Reports show " " in filters with child-groups (dev/core#826: 15293)

  • Upgrade failure with 5.19 involving interaction between APIv4 and extensions (dev/core#1376: 15765)

  • Fixing a fatal error when installing extensions with Option Values defined in XML (15643)

  • Civi\Core\Container - Fix warning about Symfony 3=>4 and boot services (15704)

  • Customfields attached to addresses break the profile page (dev/core#1324: 15541)

  • Fix bug in SQL queue that can cause tasks to be run twice in a multiprocess environment (15421)

  • Fixes an issue where the two arrays weren't always being merged correctly (15482)

  • Fix error when adding activities from Search Builder (15522)

  • Do no invoke Hooks via UF unless container has been built or it is a hook designed to run without container being built (15339)

  • Ensure front-end hooks are only registered on main query (166)

  • Fix E_NOTICE for is_required in address form (15423)

  • Customfields of type Multiselect attached to an Address do not render in profile page (appear empty) (dev/core#1282: 15375 and 15638)

  • Upgrade to CiviCRM 5.20.beta fails because of MessageTemplate error (marketing/civicrm-website#163: 15844)

    This change allows the upgrade process to sidestep missing system workflow message templates rather than failing when trying to update them.

  • Link to instead of wiki (15973)

    Outdated links to the old CiviCRM wiki that appear in upgrade messages have been replaced with links to the current user documentation.

  • Ensure that Relative key is not added for non Select Date is_search_range custom fields (15977 and 16002)


  • Fix longstanding name vs label problems for case roles (dev/core#1046: 15556, 15483, and 15939)

    Case roles are now defined in case types as relationship type names instead of labels. This fixes a variety of bugs for CiviCRM instances with case roles that rely on relationships where the label does not match the name. A new system check will alert administrators if case types stored in XML files need to be edited.

  • Saving a case type can give a php warning, but the warning is more hidden than usual so it seems like everything is ok (dev/core#1335: 15554)

    Prevents a php warning "htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given" when saving case type.

  • Reinstate Case ID search field (15935)

    This resolves a regression in 5.20.beta where the case search lacked a case ID field.

  • Upgrade script to flip autoassignees using bidirectional relationship in older civicase configs (15542)

    Fixes a visual display issue for sites with configured activity autoassignees in a CiviCase timeline using "by relationship" with a bidirectional relationship (e.g. sibling) prior to 5.16 . Specifically, sites with this setup will see a blank on the case type edit screen. It doesn't affect operation, and saving the case type doesn't lose any info, but it's a visual confusion. This upgrade script flips the a's and b's for those settings.

  • Minor a_b/b_a mixup on case type edit screen (15412)

  • Print Merge document from case search doesn't file on correct contact. (dev/core#893: 15626)

  • Ensure that using case_start_date_high and case_start_date_low etc in url variables works in force=1 mode (15619)

  • Minimal fix for new enotice on case.subject (15616)

  • Clicking on a contact's cases tab gives Network Error Unable to reach the server (dev/core#1381: 15804)


  • Respect calling code passing in 'null' for creditnote_id. (15232)

    Fixes an issue where the contribution BAO disregards 'null' when passed in for 'credit_note_id'.

  • Change test to use preferred methods, fix revealed money bug (15622)

    Ensures that Payment.create cleans the total_amount field like Contribution.create.

  • Membership and Event Related Contributions - shows all contributions (dev/core#1435: 16013)

    This resolves a regression when viewing a membership or participant record where the related contributions show all contributions, not those related to the record.

  • Fix cancel payment action to reverse financial items related to cancelled payment (15630)

    Fixes a bug where the financial_entity_trxn entries associated with a canceled payment were not being reversed as they should have been.

  • Missing Financial type and Credit Account Code in Bookkeeping Transaction Report (Work towards dev/financial#40: 15740)

    Fixes an issue whereby civicrm_entity_financial_trxn records for the civicrm_financial_item table were not created when refunding against line items with a quantity of zero - i.e. where there were selected check boxes & they were reversed.

  • Deprecate Contribute.transact api (dev/financial#79: 15564, 15591 and 15504)

    Marks the Contribute.transact as deprecated in the API explorer, adds a noisy deprecation warning to Contribute.transact and moves it to its own file.

  • Cleanup date handling on Payment.create (15687)

    Ensures that adding a payment on the AdditionalPaymentForm does not change the Contribution receive_date.

  • Ensure contributionRecurID is set on processor (15673)

    Ensures that contributionRecurID is available to payment processors that need it in cancelSubscription.

  • fix 'balance due' on Pledge Detail for non-US installs (15543)

    Fixes a bug where the Pledge Detail report crashed when "Balance Due" was selected and the label of either of the pledge statuses "Completed" or "Canceled" had been modified.

  • Record Refund fails due to thousands separator in amount (dev/core#1409: 15889)

    This bug was sidestepped by removing the Net Amount field on the Record Refund form.

  • Incorrect allocation of payment on an edited multi-line item event registration (dev/financial#34: 14763)

  • Incorrect Allocation of refunded line items on Multi Event Registrations (dev/financial#94: 15664)

  • Conditionally add contribution metadata for advanced search only if the user has access to CiviContribute (15966)

  • Fix ambiguous column in Contribution Search query with ORDER BY (15899)

    This fixes an issue where columns whose names are not unique in the underlying query of a search cause a database error when they're used as a sort column.

  • Custom Search: Find Contributors by Aggregate Totals does not return results if 'Choose date range' is selected and end date is empty (dev/core#1297: 15415)

  • Custom Search: Search actions broken on Find Contributors by Aggregate Totals (dev/core#1377: 15873)

  • Fix Sybunt to select mark rows as selected (15872)

    This resolves a bug where checking result rows on the SYBUNT custom search would not actually select them or increment the "selected" count of rows.

  • Remove unhelpful alert from contribution search (15787)

    This removes the "We did not recognize the search field..." warning that would appear when searching on certain fields even as the search would accurately filter on the field's value.

  • Save & Next button on Contribution Page Widgets tab does not move user to next step (dev/core/1266: 15323)

  • Fix parameters for statusBounce in AdditionalPayment (15579)

  • Fix deprecation warning on Price Set report (15952)

  • RepeatTransaction API incorrectly calculates the total amount when recur payment has tax amount. (dev/core#1317: 15517)

  • Incorrect line items recorded with contribution repeattransaction api. (dev/core#1367: 15735)

  • Contribution Detail Report gives incorrect results when force=1 (dev/report#20: 15315)

  • Fix typo in parameter description for (15476)

  • Fix Payment.create with a negative value to create the correct financial items (15705)

  • Fix Payment.create bug whereby payment_processor_id is not being used for the to_account_id (15640)

  • Fix bug whereby cidZero does not prepopulate billing details for selected contact for pay later. (15565)

  • Contribution Dashboard still uses broken Open Flash Charts (dev/core#1309: 15474)

  • Fix 5.20 regression on retrieving template transaction with no logged in user (15976)


  • Event Participants actions (Print Name Badges, Export...) ignores search criteria (dev/core#1422: 15962)

    This resolves an issue where the action would be based upon all participants of all events rather than all of the results of the current search.

  • Fix loading of profile fields on additional participant form (15698)

    Fixes a bug where no profile fields were loaded on the additional participant form of an Online Registration form configured to accept multiple participants.

  • Fix logic determining whether (masked) credit card details are displayed in event online receipts (15532)

    Fixes Event online receipts to display credit card info if available.



  • Add in unit test for namespaced fields in mailing reports and also fix issue where by mailing_name has been namespaced also in 5.20 (Follow-up to dev/mail#56 and dev/mail#57: 15782)


  • Duplicated inherited membership with multiple relationships when adding a new relationship (dev/core#1361: 15731)

    Fixes a bug where duplicate inherited relationships were being created for the same membership.

  • Agile fixFix inherited membership being deleted when there is still a valid relationship (15062)

    Fixes a bug where contacts with two or more relationships to a member contact would lose their inherited relationship if one of their other relationships was deleted.

  • Unable to edit the membership end date for members that have a recurring payment (dev/core#1126: 15540)

Backdrop Integration

  • Backdrop support for adding roles and perms (infra/ops#906: 15571)

    Ensures that one can build a Backdrop/CiviCRM site with a demo user with the permissions expected of a demo user.

WordPress Integration

  • Reinstate traversal as "method of last resort" to find WordPress (Follow-up from dev/core#1412: 15929)

    This restores code removed in 5.19.3 to resolve the location of the CiviCRM code in WordPress, only executing it as a fallback method if the new method fails.


  • Replace jcalendar instances with datepicker (dev/core#561: 15661, 15677, 15694, 15671, 15637, 15633, 15614, 15710, 15719, 15618, 15636, 15693, 15711, 15702 and 15635)

  • Api support for deduping (Code cleanup in preparation for dev/core#1230: 15184)

  • group.get API (v3) fails to find groups of one group_type if group has multiple types (Test for dev/core#1321: 15546)

  • composer.{json,lock} - Make the "tplaner/when" exception for old PHP reproducible (15732)

  • Add in xkerman/restricted-unserialize package (15730)

  • INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 deprecated in PHP_7.2 (266)

  • Extract contribution search functions to help with case search improvements (15373)

  • Further cleanup and clarification on MembershipPayment (15407)

  • The loop doth process too much, methinks (15473)

  • [Membership-backoffice] Reduce reliance on multiple specific but confusing class variables (14919)

  • Simplify logic for displaying card details for Event online registration Confirm, Thankyou page (15533)

  • Fix typo in Manager.php (15518)

  • Update my organisation (15469)

  • Combine IF clause for readability. (15568)

  • Switch creation of ParticipantPayment to use API (15500)

  • Remove when package from packages (264)

  • Cast result of getContributionBalance to float to match comment block. (15621)

  • Remove obsolete supportStorageOfAccents() method. (15589)

  • Upgrade When package to the lastest version (15223)

  • Api4 explorer: Fix variable leaking to global scope (15615)

  • Improve metadata support for table civicrm_mailing_job in search (15634)

  • Change parent class on mailing_form (15629)

  • Add uniquenames for mailing_name, mailing_job_status (15652)

  • Add getQillValue fn to generalise qill string construct (15667)

  • Remove scriptFee & scriptArray params (dev/event#19: 15679)

  • Fix the relationship direction in testSingleMembershipForTwoRelationships (15738)

  • Remove recordPayment function. (15684)

  • Eliminate silly parameter (15723)

  • Use Yes-No radio instead of checkbox on search form. (15669)

  • Cleanup following smart group conversions and fix the old name of the relationship date relative fields for conversion and add a unit test (15648)

  • Remove a redundant call to formatParamsForPaymentProcessor in AdditionalPayment form (15578)

  • Remove extraneous full stop, line (15531)

  • Remove early return on joinTable (15721)

  • Remove unused, hidden subsystem for "persistent DB tpl strings" (15660)

  • Fix test setup Function to use order api (15620)

  • Delete mkdocs.yml (15658)

  • [NFC] minor simplification (15425)

  • [NFC] code formatting (15424)

  • [NFC] dev/core#1046 - minor consistency change (15486)

  • [NFC] dev/core#1046 - more accurate column heading (15485)

  • [NFC] comments tidy up … (15607)

  • [NFC] dev/core#1336 Update doc blocks for various ACL related functions (15603)

  • [NFC] Cleanup on exceptions (15750)

  • (NFC) Remove windows-specific debugging code from 11 years ago (15736)

  • [NFC] Allow users on backdrop to trigger (15717)

  • [NFC] Fix exception thrown to std CRM_Core_Exception (15716)

  • [NFC] various code cleanup on CRM_Contact_BAO_Query (15713)

  • [NFC] Test class preliminary clean up (15685)

  • [NFC] test cleanup (15683)

  • [NFC] define variable type (15681)

  • [NFC] Remove unreachable lines (15672)

  • [NFC] Test cleanup - switch to OrderApi in test setup, add throws, use sin… (15662)

  • [NFC] reformat BAO_Case file (15627)

  • [NFC] Add date information to MailingJob Schema (15628)

  • [NFC] Add in debugging to try and resolve E2E Cache intermitant test … (15625)

  • Fix test to be more valid (15743)

  • Add test to lock in obscure custom join handling (15715)

  • Test improvements (15720)

  • Test calling CRM_Financial_BAO_PaymentProcessor::getPaymentProcessors (15499)

  • Update tests to simulate labels that are not the same as names (15399)

  • Add test for participant receipts, super minor consistency fix. (15525)

  • [Code-quality] remove references to where_tables, where_clause (14891)

  • REF Move ipAddress and CC expiry date to prepareParamsForPaymentProcessor (15291)

  • REF Use the new prepareParamsForPaymentProcessor function in more places (15281)

  • [REF] Remove transaction as part of minor code cleanup (15460)

  • [ref] Simplify function signature as parameter is not used (15459)

  • [REF] move definition of important values & retrieval outside payment… (15458)

  • [REF] Minor cleanup to determine taxterm with a helper function. (15488)

  • [REF] Replace deprecated function call with a more readable alternative (15489)

  • [REF] remove call to deprecated function (15465)

  • [REF] Fix typos and remove unused variables (15462)

  • [REF] Rename balanceTrxnParams variable to paymentTrxnParams (15535)

  • [REF] minor extraction with code to build dedupe arrays (15519)

  • [REF] basic extraction of sendMails functionality along with a small test extension (15516)

  • [REF] remove obsolete code. (15515)

  • [REF] Deprecate calls to createCreditNoteId (15492)

  • [REF] minor extraction in dedupe code (15587)

  • [REF] minor extraction - Extract code to update line items to paid (15602)

  • [REF] Remove usage of CRM_ACL_BAO_Cache::deleteEntry in favour of usi… (15611)

  • [REF] Remove CRM_Exception in favour of CRM_Core_Exception (15610)

  • [REF] minor refactor towards removing complexity. (15594)

  • [REF] minor tidy ups on very nasty function (15722)

  • [REF] Remove early return on joinTable (15718)

  • [REF] remove as a return Param of getHierContactDetails (15714)

  • [REF] minor code simplification (15728)

  • [REF] Move calls to CRM_Core_BAO_FinancialTrxn::createDeferredTrxn back to the calling functions. (15641)

  • [REF] Refactor Smart Group Cache population code to be less intensive (15588)

  • [REF] Refactor ACL Contact Cache generation to be more efficient (15592)

  • [REF] extract chunk of code that creates the financial items for a given line. (15613)

  • [REF] Further deconstruction of updateFinancialAccounts (15631)

  • [REF] simplify definition of isARefund (15601)


This release was developed by the following code authors:

a-n The Artists Information Company - William Mortada; AGH Strategies - Alice Frumin, Andrew Hunt, Eli Lisseck; Agileware - Pengyi Zhang; Alexy Mikhailichenko; Australian Greens - Seamus Lee; Christian Wach; CiviCoop - Jaap Jansma; CiviCRM - Coleman Watts, Tim Otten; CiviDesk - Yashodha Chaku; CompuCorp- Camilo Rodriguez, Davi Alexandre, Omar Abu Hussein; Dave D; Electronic Frontier Foundation - Mark Burdett; Florian Kohrt; Freeform Solutions - Herb van den Dool; Fuzion - Jitendra Purohit; Greenpeace CEE - Patrick Figel; iXiam - César Ramos; JMA Consulting - Monish Deb; John Kingsnorth; Megaphone Technology Consulting - Jon Goldberg; MJCO - Mikey O'Toole; MJW Consulting - Matthew Wire; Mountev Ltd; Richard van Oosterhout; Squiffle Consulting - Aidan Saunders; SYSTOPIA Organisationsberatung - Björn Endres; Tadpole Collective - Kevin Cristiano; Wikimedia Foundation - Eileen McNaughton, Elliott Eggleston

Most authors also reviewed code for this release; in addition, the following reviewers contributed their comments:

a-n The Artists Information Company - William Mortada; Agileware - Justin Freeman; Artful Robot - Rich Lott; Blackfly Solutions - Alan Dixon; Circle Interactive - Dave Jenkins, Pradeep Nayak; CompuCorp - Jamie Novick; Coop SymbioTIC - Mathieu Lutfy; Fuzion - Luke Stewart; iXiam - Vangelis Pantazis; JMA Consulting - Joe Murray; Nicol Wistreich; Ray Wright; Red Hot Irons - Heather Oliver; Skvare - Mark Hanna; OSSeed Technologies LLP - Sushant Paste


These release notes are edited by Alice Frumin and Andrew Hunt. If you'd like to provide feedback on them, please log in to and contact @agh1.

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