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CiviCRM 5.35.1

Released March 17, 2021


Does this version...?
Change the database schema? no
Alter the API? no
Require attention to configuration options? no
Fix problems installing or upgrading to a previous version? yes
Introduce features? no
Fix bugs? yes

Security advisories

Bugs resolved

  • CiviCampaign: Fix error when reserving respondents for a survey (#19811)

  • Upgrader: Fix handling of "group_title" in certain upgrade-paths (dev/translation#58: #19740)

  • D8 / Asset Builder: Fail gracefully when certain resources cannot be generted (dev/core#2137: #18830)

    A common misconfiguration on Drupal 8+ is to omit enable-patching. This currently manifests as an error about crm-menubar.css. The change does not fix the misconfiguration, but it makes the error more manageable.


Special support from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH contributed significantly to this release and other contemporaneous security improvements.

This release was developed by the following authors and reviewers:

Wikimedia Foundation - Eileen McNaughton; Stephen Palmstrom; Semper IT - Karin Gerritsen; Progressive Technology Project - Jamie McClelland; Megaphone Technology Consulting - Jon Goldberg; MJW Consulting - Matthew Wire; MJCO - Mikey O'Toole; JMA Consulting - Seamus Lee, Monish Deb; Fuzion - Luke Stewart; Dmitry Smirnov; Dave D; CiviCRM - Tim Otten, Coleman Watts; Circle Interactive - Pradeep Nayak; Blackfly Solutions - Alan Dixon; Artful Robot - Rich Lott; AGH Strategies - Andrew Hunt


These release notes are edited by Tim Otten and Andrew Hunt. If you'd like to provide feedback on them, please login to and contact @agh1.