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CiviCRM Drupal 8 Module

This is alpha version of the integration module required to allow CiviCRM and Drupal 8 to work together. This is not the stable version yet.

It it currently verified to work against Drupal 8.0.5 and CiviCRM 4.7.3.

Installation Steps

  • Download the latest Drupal 8 release:
  • Install Drupal 8 (see!INSTALL.txt/8 for more information).
  • Create a top level libraries folder inside Drupal and download CiviCRM master (for Drupal 7) (from so that CiviCRM resides at /libraries/civicrm. CiviCRM can also be installed in /modules/civicrm - see CRM-18222.
  • If it exists, remove the Drupal 7 module folder from within CiviCRM (libraries/civicrm/drupal).
  • Clone the Drupal 8 module into the the top level modules directory: git clone -b 8.x-master civicrm
  • Edit civicrm-version.php and change the 'cms' value from 'Drupal' to 'Drupal8'. If you are reading this after having already installed CiviCRM and running into an undefined arg(0) error, change the CIVICRM_UF value in your civicrm.settings.php file.
  • If you want the installer to load dummy contacts and data, add the following configuration parameter to sites/default/settings.php: $settings['civicrm_load_generated'] = TRUE;
  • Finally, in your browser go to /admin/modules and install CiviCRM Core. You should be notified of any issues that will prevent the installation from being successful, including file permissions, etc., which you will need to resolve before the installation can completed.