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Localisation scripts for CiviCRM and archive of localisation files (please use Transifex to update strings)
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Localisation files for CiviCRM:

How to localise your CiviCRM installation

aka "using CiviCRM in another language than US-English"

Documentation on how to localise your installation of CiviCRM:

How to participate in a translation team

Internationalisation and localisation documentation:

Code of ethics:

Localisation community building howto:

Transifex command-line guide for Linux:

Translation guide for Windows:,19068.0.html

Release process

For details on the release process:

Forums, help, community

For questions, please post on the Internationalisation forum:,10.0.html

Or on the language-specific forums: French:,58.0.html German:,62.0.html Spanish:,69.0.html UK:,34.0.html

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