CiviVolunteer extension.
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ginkgomzd Merge pull request #440 from GinkgoFJG/VOL-288
VOL-288: Fixed install bug: CiviCRM_API3_Exception: "N is not a valid…
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CRM/Volunteer Merge pull request #440 from GinkgoFJG/VOL-288 Nov 14, 2018
ang fix SUP-1506 var-type prefix in select option Sep 24, 2018
api/v3 Fixed compatibility with civicrm > 5.3: 'Error in call to CustomField… Sep 10, 2018
bin This change to allows extension tables to specify foreign ke… Jan 14, 2014
css VOL-310: Updates for loading Volunteer's Angular app in a CiviEvent t… Oct 13, 2017
docs simple typo Aug 24, 2018
img VOL-42: Added star icons to commendation UI. Sep 17, 2014
js Merge pull request #475 from civicrm/fix_role_assignment Nov 13, 2018
managed Life is much improved if the values for cg_extend_objects optionValue… Mar 8, 2017
settings VOL-209: Added setting for project setting help text and updated sett… Mar 14, 2018
sql VOL-171: Moved report template/instance management into an MGD file. Jan 20, 2016
templates specify duration is in minutes Jul 31, 2018
tests/phpunit Supplied unit tests for VOL-202. Nov 17, 2016
xml VOL-310: Removed files ancillary to old approach to managing CiviVolu… Oct 13, 2017
.gitignore VOL-180: Ensure backward compatibility for 1.x signup links -- added … Jan 19, 2016 Point several things to new documentation guide Apr 27, 2017
agpl-3.0.exception.txt CRM-13347 - Add standard license files Sep 5, 2013
agpl-3.0.txt CRM-13347 - Add standard license files Sep 5, 2013
info.xml Updated extension metadata. Jun 29, 2018
mkdocs.yml docs - substantial content cleaning, updating, writing Feb 26, 2017
phpunit.xml.dist Generated civix boilerplate for using standalone phpunit. Nov 17, 2016
volunteer.civix.php Upgraded civix boilerplate. Mar 23, 2018
volunteer.php Reimplemented navigation menu using methods provided by civix. Mar 23, 2018
volunteer.slider.php Replaced calls to settings BAOs with API calls. Jun 7, 2016