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for tracking and publishing the motions, amendments, and votes of Dublin City councillors
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This runs which tracks and publishes the motions, amendments, and votes of Dublin City councillors. It's a fairly straightforward Rails app with a few little hacks to speed up the annoying data entry involved in keeping this up to date. It needs more documentation and test coverage!

Get set up

Setting up the database and running rake db:seed will provide CouncilTracker with the composition of Dublin City Council as of February 2019 (councillors, party affiliations, etc).

    $ bundle
    $ rake db:create
    $ rake db:migrate
    $ rake db:seed

Customise the environmental variables:

    $ cp .env.sample .env

The app assumes you're using S3 for storing councillor portraits, but if you're not you can edit /config/initializers/carrierwave.rb to store images somewhere else.

Start Foreman:

    $ foreman start

And visit http://localhost:5000/

I have this set up for deployment on Heroku. But you can deploy it elsewhere, I bet.

Some notes

This code exists to run and would need some amount of rejiggering to work for other councils or bodies. I'm not actively maintaining it as an open-source project, but you're most welcome to take the code and use it for ... whatever. If you add a feature we might find useful, I welcome pull requests.

One thing I'd love to do is abstract out the councillors/events into a separate Pobal-like service.


Email me at and I'd be happy to answer any questions.


Apache 2.0

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