🌇 Website prezentare soluții Smart City Alba Iulia
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Alba Iulia, Smart City

Website de prezentare soluții Smart City, Alba Iulia

Local development


roots.io based stack:


$> git clone https://github.com/civictechro/website-alba-iulia-smart-city/
$> cd website-alba-iulia-smart-city/trellis/group_vars/development/
$> cp dist.vault.yml vault.yml

You can now edit vault.yml if you want different credentials, or if you want to use a different URL for dev. Note that if you change the canonical URL in vault.yml you also need to change the url in site/web/app/themes/smart-city/resources/assets/config.json.

All there's left now is starting vagrant. If it's the first time, trellis will also install all of the dependencies and configure the environment for you.

$> vagrant up

Working on the theme

The Smart City theme is a modified version of Sage.

Before anything else, you need to make sure vagrant is running:

$> cd trellis/
$> vagrant up

If you just cloned the repo, you need to make sure you install the dependencies.

$> cd site/web/app/themes/smart-city/
$> yarn

To build the assets for development and run browsersync so you have live reload for changes during dev:

$> yarn start run

Made with ❤️ & ☕️ by CivicTech România