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A d3 force graph visualization tool/toy. Useful for exploration of relatively small ( <1500 data points), flat datasets.

Live Demo:

Inspired by:

The file uploader uses the HTML5 file API. As a result, uploaded files stay in your browser and do not travel the tubes. In other words, any uploaded data is relatively secure.


  • Limit number of filters/categories for a given column/category
  • Catch massive datasets to prevent browser from crashing
  • Size scale when size filter is set (aka size legend?)
  • Allow users to change the colors.... perhaps by interacting with the color legend?
  • More intelligent placement of split groups to better make use of available screen space
  • Hints/tutorial for csv upload as well as for first time dataset exploration. (ie. billionaire: Try splitting by source and coloring by gender)
  • Hint about zooming?...
  • Allow users to either keep or remove selection?


Potato is released under the BSD 3-Clause License.

All demo datasets are derived from publically available data.