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PHP-Shell Generator

Simple web terminal developed using PHP and the jcubic/jquery.terminal library. This tool was created looking for speed, simplicity, flexibility and anonymity, rather than using r57 or c99 I prefer to use an interface with only the essential tools and customizable.

This project has a build tool to allow the customization of the shell, at this moment you can customize the username and password used to log into the shell, the filename of the compiled file and the default shell interpreter used to execute the commands switching between valid PHP shell functions.

Also, in the generated shell you will have some methods to change the interpreter once you are logged in to be flexible when you are executing commands, and a way to dynamically change the current working directory using sessions instead of GET parameters.

cixtor phpshellgen example


Parameters Description
-h \ --help Print this message with the list of available options.
-i \ --input Specify the shell template to compile.
-o \ --output Specify the filename for the compiled shell.
-s \ --shell Specify the default PHP interpreter.
-u \ --username Specify the username to log into the php-shell.
-p \ --password Specify the password to log into the php-shell.
-l \ --lint Enable the PHP linter on the compiled shell.


Method Description
set_interpreter Set the PHP shell interpreter: set_interpreter(shell_exec)
get_interpreter Get the current PHP shell interpreter.
get_disabled_functions Get the list of functions disabled through a php.ini file.
get_php_version Get the version of the PHP interpreter in execution time.
logout Close the current shell session.
status Display all the configuration variables.
cd new/folder/path/ Change the current working directory.


The process consists basically in replace some lines of the template with the customizable data provided by the tool like the password or the shell interpreter, adding dependencies to implement the web terminal interface, reducing the tabular characters and new lines to finally get a shell of more or less 130K.


404 Not Found

When the shell is loaded you will see a page saying that the file was not found in the server, and even if you send a HEAD request to the URL where the shell was uploaded, you will see the HTTP status 404 Not Found. Hit the tabulator key to place the cursor in the first field of the form that you will use to authenticate yourself.