A library used to process coingate crypto payment transactions
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A library used to accept payment in Bitcoin in .Net

Website: https://coingate.com

Code Examples

Getting Started

Coingate allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin, accept Bitcoin using the merchant API. For java/php developers, visit the developer section https://developer.coingate.com/ for implementation guide or you can download one of the examples listed.
Before you can use the API, you need to sig up for a merchant account https://coingate.com/sign_up For testing, you can sign up here https://sandbox.coingate.com


All Coingate API calls require authentication. You can authenticate your app by providing 3 parameters: API Key, Signature and Nonce.

API Key - You can generate your API Key in account area. From main account navigation go to Apps and create new app. Nonce - A nonce is an integer that must be increasing with every request. Signature - It is a HMAC-SHA256 encoded message containing: nonce, app ID and API key.

Creating an Order

          var cg = new Coingate.Net.Coingate("apiKey","apiSecret","appId");
            var orders = cg.CreateOrder(new Order
                Price = 100,
                Currency = "USD",
                ReceiveCurrency = "BTC"

Retrieving an Order

          var cg = new Coingate.Net.Coingate("apiKey","apiSecret","appId");
          var orders = cg.GetOrders();