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I got frustrated trying to find objects in runtime object models - so I created a utility to do it.

You search for objects using a find utility. Then you can click on the retrieved objects to inspect them

e.g. in the console do this kind of thing

//global search for all properties named 'home'

//search jquery for all properties named 'map'
>>find.byName('map', jQuery, 'jQuery')

//global search for all property names containing 'box' as a substring

//global search for all arrays

//all instances with value 1000

//all falsey values

//search with a custom function 
//e.g. all truthy properties named 'a'...
>>find.custom(function(searchTerm, obj, prop) {return (obj[prop] == true) && (prop == 'a')});

Right now it doesn't work in old fashioned browsers like IE<=8