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Hecrer committed Aug 5, 2019
2 parents ae6e074 + a7f82ba commit f05e83c0853855b47fe8f55907c3c0e0c8dd6bcd
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@@ -32,6 +32,13 @@ Fixes:
* Fixes an issue where Open Championship EntryLists would not be correctly preserved when assigning car slots to pre-existing Entrants.
* Added a server wide fallback sorting option for events where AC has outputted an incorrect driver order in the result json file. Only enable this if you have sorting issues. If you have championship events where the sorting is incorrect you will need to re-import the results files using Manage Event, Import Results.



* Fixed an entry list issue that made some cars impossible to connect to if the pit ID selection had a gap in it. Any gaps in the pit IDs will now be closed automatically (e.g. 1-2-4 becomes 0-1-2). If you want gaps in your entry list please add dummy cars to it.


@@ -16,6 +16,10 @@ type EntryList map[string]*Entrant

// Write the EntryList to the server location
func (e EntryList) Write() error {
for i, entrant := range e.AsSlice() {
entrant.PitBox = i

f := ini.NewFile([]ini.DataSource{nil}, ini.LoadOptions{
IgnoreInlineComment: true,

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