Pivotalteams allows you to connect a Pivotal Tracker project and a Microsoft Teams channel and get notifications when stuff happens.
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pivotalteams allows you to connect a Pivotal Tracker project and a Microsoft Teams channel. It's a C# script that is designed to be deployed as an Azure Function App.

Currently pivotalteams will look for the following Pivotal Tracker activities but you can add more just by adding more if blocks to the code:

  • Story added
  • Story started
  • Story finished
  • Story delivered
  • Story accepted
  • Story rejected


  1. Create an Incoming Webhook connector in your channel in Microsoft Teams and copy the URL that you're given.
  2. Create a new Function App from the Azure Portal and paste the code from pivotalteams.csx
  3. Update the script that you have just deployed using the Webhook connector URL you copied from Teams.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Copy the Function App URL
  6. Under Settings in your Pivotal Tracker project, add a WebHook using the Function App URL.
  7. Do something in Pivotal tracker and check it came through to your channel!


Feel free to fork and submit pull requests or submit issues.


pivotalteams is available under the MIT license.