Basic project template for STM32F4 Cortex-M4 microcontroller. Works as a demo app for STM32F4 Discovery board.
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STM32F4DISCOVERY evaluation board:


stlink programmer/debugger:

The makefile takes a full path to each source file, and places each object file in an analogous location in ROOT/obj, with a suffix that depends on the source file type. For example, src/foo/bar.c compiles to obj/src/foo/bar.c.o, and src/delay.s compiles to obj/src/delay.s.o, thus avoiding naming conflicts. A .map file is automatically generated as $(EXECNAME).map.

The make disasm target similarly puts disassembly output for each file and for the complete binary in ROOT/disasm.

The make flash target flashes a board using the stlink tool.

The linker script assigns the 64 kB core-coupled SRAM block for the main memory, allowing code to run without competing with peripherals on the AHB bus. The 112 kB and 16 kB blocks of system SRAM are given sections sram112k and sram16k, and buffers to be accessed via DMA must be placed in these sections. The 4 kB of battery backup SRAM is given the section bkpsram.


Unless noted otherwise, all code is released under the MIT license. Two exceptions are the CMSIS code, which is under the license described in CMSIS END USER LICENCE AGREEMENT.pdf, and the support code under ST's license.