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Shower Presentation Template Build Status

Shower logo

Shower ['ʃəuə] noun. A person or thing that shows.

  1. Built on HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript
  2. Works in all modern browsers
  3. Themes are separated from engine
  4. Modular and extensible
  5. Fully keyboard accessible
  6. Printable to PDF

See it in action. Includes Ribbon and Material themes, and core with plugins.

Follow @shower_me for support and updates, file an issue if you have any.

Quick Start

  1. Download and unzip template archive
  2. Open index.html and start creating your presentation


  1. Fork this repository
  2. Go to fork setting and rename it: showermy-slides
  3. Clone it to your computer: git clone
  4. Go to my-slides folder and install dependencies: npm install
  5. Start creating your presentation

Once you’re done you can build a clean copy of your slides:

npm run prepare

And you’ll find your presentation in prepared folder with only needed files in it. You can also run npm run archive to get the same files in But there’s more! You can easily publish your presentation online by running:

npm run publish

And you’ll have your slides published on

Usage Examples

Browser Support

Latest stable versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari are supported.


You’re always welcome to contribute. Fork project, make changes and send it as pull request. But it’s better to file an issue with your idea first. Read contributing rules for more details.

Main contributors in historical order: pepelsbey, jahson, miripiruni, kizu, artpolikarpov, tonyganch, zloylos.

Licensed under MIT License.