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What's this?

It's the source code for a t-shirt that counts how much unread e-mail
the wearer has, using a Lilypad Arduino microcontroller.  You can read
more, and see a video demonstration, at my blog post here:

How's it work?

There's a Python script ( to be run on any Bluetooth-enabled 
device with Python installed (I use an Android phone, you could use a 
laptop).  The script simply downloads your Gmail RSS feed to see how 
much unread e-mail you have, and sends that number over a serial port 
every two seconds.  I use /dev/rfcomm0, which is the serial device that
connects my phone to the Bluetooth dongle on my Lilypad.

There's also a C program (lilypad.pde) that runs on the Lilypad, reads 
a number over the serial port, and renders that number on a set of LEDs 
(I use seven LEDs).  That's it.
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