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title: contact me
permalink: contact/
image: /img/iphone-on-bridge.jpg
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<p class="lead">Email is best, but you can contact me in any of these ways. Please ask for Chris&nbsp;Barnes.</p>
<dl class="contact-details-list">
<dt class="contact-details-label email" title="Email">&#x40;</dt>
<dd class="contact-details-data email">
<a href="" title="Email me"></a>
<dt class="contact-details-label linkedin" title="LinkedIn">&#xe666;</dt>
<dd class="contact-details-data linkedin">
<a href="" title="Find me on LinkedIn">cjbarnesuk</a>
<dt class="contact-details-label phone" title="Phone">&#xe64c;</dt>
<dd class="contact-details-data phone">
<a href="tel:+447894880298" title="Phone me">+44 (0) 7894 880298</a>
<dt class="contact-details-label address" title="Address">&#xe64d;</dt>
<dd class="contact-details-data address">
18 Norman Street<br>
United Kingdom