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title: web design by cJ barnes
browser_title: web design by cJ barnes | Yorkshire and East Anglia, UK
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<p class="lead">Hello. My name is Chris Barnes. I’m a web developer based in Yorkshire and East&nbsp;Anglia,&nbsp;UK.</p>
<p>I specialize in websites for the education sector and small businesses, though I’m always keen to work on something&nbsp;new.</p>
<p>This website is my <a href="/whativedone/portfolio/">portfolio</a>, <a href="/whativedone/bio/">CV</a>, <a href="/blog/" title="blog">soapbox</a>, and web design playground. <a href="/whatido/">Come&nbsp;on&nbsp;in…</a></p>
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## your website will be...
- …**editable by you** (no special skills required)
- …adapted to **phones and iPads**
- …**accessible** to users with disabilities
- …optimized for **Google** and other search engines
[Find out more](/whatido/ "what I do")
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<blockquote>“Chris is an incredibly fast learner and talented web application developer. His approach to user interface design and ability to create reusable and accessible educational resources are impressive.”</blockquote>
<p class="lead"><a href="/whativedone/kindwords/">More kind words from clients</a></p>