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A TUI system monitor written in Rust
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Minimum rustc version Matrix

Another TUI based system monitor, this time in Rust!

Missing features

  • macOS is missing temperatures, disk io counters, and process commandline
  • Process filtering isn't implemented
  • Mouse usage isn't implemented


Currently works on Linux and macOS with support planned for all major platforms.

Prebuilt binaries

Prebuilt binaries are provided in the releases tab.

Arch Linux

Install ytop, ytop-bin, or ytop-git from the AUR.


brew tap cjbassi/ytop
brew install ytop

Alpine Linux

Available in the testing repository, so you need to be on Alpine Linux Edge.

apk add ytop

From source

cargo install -f --git ytop



  • Quit: q or <C-c>
  • Pause: <Space>
  • Process navigation:
    • k and <Up>: up
    • j and <Down>: down
    • <C-u>: half page up
    • <C-d>: half page down
    • <C-b>: full page up
    • <C-f>: full page down
    • gg and <Home>: jump to top
    • G and <End>: jump to bottom
  • Process actions:
    • <Tab>: toggle process grouping
    • dd: kill selected process or process group
  • Process sorting:
    • p: PID/Count
    • n: Command
    • c: CPU
    • m: Mem
  • Process filtering:
    • /: start editing filter
    • (while editing):
      • <Enter>: accept filter
      • <C-c> and <Escape>: clear filter
  • CPU and Mem graph scaling:
    • h: scale in
    • l: scale out
  • ?: toggles keybind help menu


  • click to select process
  • mouse wheel to scroll through processes


ytop ships with a few colorschemes which can be set with the -c flag followed by the name of one. You can find all the colorschemes in the colorschemes folder.

To make a custom colorscheme, copy one of the default ones to ~/.config/ytop/<new-name>.json and load it with ytop -c <new-name>. Colorscheme PRs are welcome!

CLI Options

    ytop [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

    -a, --average-cpu    Show average CPU in the CPU widget
    -b, --battery        Show Battery widget (overridden by 'minimal' flag)
    -f, --fahrenheit     Show temperatures in fahrenheit
    -h, --help           Prints help information
    -m, --minimal        Only show the CPU, Mem, and Process widgets
    -p, --per-cpu        Show each CPU in the CPU widget
    -s, --statusbar      Show a statusbar with the time
    -V, --version        Prints version information

    -c, --colorscheme <colorscheme>    Set a colorscheme [default: default]
    -i, --interface <interface>        The name of the network interface to show in the Net widget. 'all' shows all
                                       interfaces [default: all]
    -I, --interval <interval>          Interval in seconds between updates of the CPU and Mem widgets. Can specify
                                       either a whole number or a fraction with a numerator of 1 [default: 1]
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