A cross platform javascript file browser front end.
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CJ File Browser v4.0.2 (Beta)

Copyright (c) 2015 Creative Juices Bo. Co. Author: Doug Jones www.cjboco.com Licensed under the MIT.

As of this time, this should not be used in a production environment. Still very beta.

More info and details on www.cjboco.com

My Hit List

  • Fixed a long standing issue, whereas if you activate the browser while having an image selected in tinyMCE, the browser window would be pointing to the index file or webroot file.

  • Cookies, cookies cookies.

  • Drag and drop file upload should be fully functional.

  • Added a drag bar to allow you to resize the sidebar/browser.

Known Issues

  • Cookies. I'm storing the last directory accessed in a cookie. I was running into a lot of problem with this with "multiple" cjFileBrowser's and have different base paths. I think I nipped it (finally), but still not 100%. Let me know of issues.

  • I've started implementing "drag & drop" to allow you to move files and directories. The drag and drop is set up, but it's not doing anything at this point.

  • I've started adding the frame work classes to make this jQuery UI Themable. Haven't had a lot of time to think this through yet, but you might see some weird stuff as I play around.

Random Stuff

I added an Application.cfc that resets any other application.cfc's. You only need this if you are using ColdFusion.