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* Rails 3.2 compatibility.
* Fix ActiveSupport concerns deprecation warning
* Rails 3.1 compatibility.
* Rails 3.0 compatibility.
* Bugfix: hashes nested in regexp params could get through unfiltered
* Restructured and reorganized. Now the majority of the work is done in the Protector class. This minimizes the amount of methods / instance variables that clutter the controllers.
* The filtering is done in ActionController::Base#params now, instead of as a before filter. This eliminates the caveat of before filters declared after param_protected/param_accessible calls having access to the unprotected params.
* Refactored tests to use plugin_test_helper.
* gemified
* more sane way to specify nested parameters (honestly, I don't know what I was thinking before)
* the old method of specifying nested parameters ("user/first_name", "user/last_name") DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE.
* changed param_protected/param_accessible's :exclude argument to :except to better fit in with Rails
* rewrote the entire plugin (it should actually work now)
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