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- Handle whitespace better.
- Strip out new lines after non-variable markers.
- Provide more implementations for locating templates.
- From a Dictionary<string, Template>.
- From the file system.
- Option for multiple paths and extensions.
- From assembly resources.
- From other locators.
- Caching adapter.
- {{>}} invokes parent template with same name?
- Add magic variables like {{$index}} and {{$first}}.
- Need to work with sections, too, like {{#$first}}first stuff goes here{{/$first}}.
- Add some syntax to define "local" variables?
- Either that or a way to evaluate variables in templates at definition time.
- {{<foo}}{{bar!}}{{/foo}}
- Add support for variable modifiers like in ctemplate.
- Need a way to specify custom modifiers.
- Be able to generate static code for later compilation.
- Would be nice if it didn't use reflection.
- Also, think about dynamically generating code for immediate use. May be faster.