Patterns for using flexbox CSS to build awesome UI components.
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Flexbox Patterns

This repository contains the original CSS used for the components at Feel free to use these styles however you like!

Getting started

Assuming you have Node installed, you can install the project dependencies with npm install. This will install PostCSS and Autoprefixer; two critical tools for making your CSS cross-browser compatible.


npm run build

This command will concatenate the source CSS files into a single CSS file, and then use PostCSS to add various vendor-prefixed properties. Open up dist/index.html to see a demo page of the various flexbox patterns in the browser.

Things to keep in mind

I don't recommend copy-pasting these examples directly into production code. I'm only trying to demonstrate different ways of using flexbox through these examples, so they may not incorporate some accessibility best practices (such as using semantic HTML5 elements and the role attribute). Before using this code in production you should make sure it meets your accessibility needs.