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@cjcliffe cjcliffe released this 29 Aug 01:15
· 1087 commits to master since this release

Note - Aug 31st -- Win32 Build updated due to a few bugs

  • Audio Spectrum visuals, drag the A/V visuals area to toggle between audio Scope and Spectrum
  • Waterfall speed can now be controlled between 1 and 1024 lines per second
  • Waterfall now continues to render while minimized or in background
  • Waterfall/Spectrum can now be zoomed to 30khz window with improved resolution
  • Spectrum averaging speed can now be controlled between 1% and 99%
  • I/Q mode for piping decimated I/Q to other applications at audio sample rate
  • Spectrum peak and floor decibels now displayed (can toggle off/on with 'B')
  • Can now mute demodulator with 'M' button or pressing 'M" while hovering
  • Save and recall device Offset, I/Q swap, Direct sampling, Waterfall/Spectrum speed, Window state
  • Performance and UI responsiveness improvements
  • Can now use direct input for demod bandwidth
  • Direct input < 3000 now assumes Mhz
  • Additional device input sample rates
  • Improved waterfall keyboard controls via arrow keys
  • Can now specify alternate configuration name via -c (name) or -config (name) at command line
  • Automatically reduce unused buffer memory over time
  • Several crash fixes