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CubicSDR v0.1.20-alpha

Release Notes:

  • Fixes a crash introduced with 0.1.19 release
  • Fixes default modem bandwidth update

0.1.19 Notes:

  • Rework of waterfall/spectrum Zoom functionality
  • Zoom processing now partly off-loaded from liquid-dsp to FFTW
  • Doubled internal FFT resolution allowing some additional visual detail via averaging
  • Eliminated aliases crawling across spectrum during zoom
  • Eliminates CPU spikes while zooming
  • Reduces CPU usage while zoomed deeply
  • Fix for some LSB/USB tuning bugs
  • Fix for FFT visual buffer overflow + memory leak
  • Fix for moving center frequency while zoomed

Includes SoapySDR support modules for:

  • HackRF
  • BladeRF
  • SoapyRemote
  • SDRPlay**
  • AirSpy (OSX Only)
  • RFSpace (OSX Only)
  • UHD (OSX Only)

If compatible local SoapySDR modules are installed they will be preferred over bundled versions automatically.

**Note that SDRPlay requires C:\Program Files\MiricsSDR\API\x64\mir_sdr_api.dll for Win64 or C:\Program Files\MiricsSDR\API\x86\mir_sdr_api.dll (not included) to be copied to C:\Program Files\CubicSDR for windows. SDRPlay owners can obtain the installer from or