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CubicVR 3D Engine

Javascript Port of the CubicVR 3D Engine by Charles J. Cliffe

Contributors (@twitter)


GIT Layout


/               ->  core library and shaders
/source         ->  source modules
/editor         ->  web-based 3D editor (work in progress)
/samples        ->  sample projects, useful as a starting point
/tests          ->  tests and prototypes for various core features
/lib            ->  external dependencies for any tests/examples
/post_shaders   ->  post-process shader library
/tools          ->  code and distribution tools
/utility        ->  utilities such as import/export, model conversion


master          ->  main branch

Building / Minification

To build the consolidated and minified versions of CubicVR.js simply run "make" in the repository root.  

The resulting CubicVR.js and CubicVR.min.js builds with self-contained core shaders will be placed in dist/

Minification requires Python and Java to be installed, please review installation instructions for your platform.