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MTPFS is a FUSE filesystem based on libmtp that allows a mtp device
to be browsed as if it were a normal external harddisk


FUSE >= 2.2
GLib >= 2.30
libmtp >= 1.1.2

How to mount a filesystem

To mount a device run:

  mtpfs <mount_point>

To unmount do:

  fusermount -u <mount_point>

Note that you may need to be root to do all this if permissions on the
MTP device are not correct

To enable debugging info use the --enable-debug option when running ./configure

This wouldn't be possible without libmtp, libusb and fuse.
Sections of code (in id3read.c and mp3file.c) blatently ripped from gnomad

Contact info
Chris Debenham <>