A package that autosaves the Unity3D scene you are working on every few minutes. Keeps the last 5 (configurable) number of autosaves.
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Unity3D Autosave Scene


Ever have Unity3D crash on you causing you lose so hours of work? It can be tough to remember to save so this autosaver will do that for you. Autosaves every 5 minutes and keeps the last 5 saves. Saves the last 5 autosaves in %Autosaver Location%/autosaves/%Scene Path%/%Scene Name%_[1-5].unity.


####Obtain!#### Releases

If you'd like the most up to date version (which is the most cool), then pull the repo or download it here and copy the files in Assets to your project's Assets folder.


Easy. Just import the package and let the auto saving commence!


To configure the Unity Autosaver, open up the config window at Window > Unity Made Awesome > Autosaver.

Auto Save Enabled - Check this on to enable autosaving, check this off to disable.

Frequency (Minutes) - How much time, in minutes, should pass before auto saves.

Number of Saves - How many saves should be kept? If at 5 then at an autosave the 5th oldest will be delete to just keep 5 around.