A (hopefully) unbiased timeline of events related to accusations against Jacob Appelbaum
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At the beginning of June 2016, news broke that a prominent member of the Hacker/Journalist/Leak Community had become the target of multiple serious allegations of sexual misconduct. I was aware of certain aspects of this person and after reading the accounts, certain things clicked for me which I had not seen or could not perceive before. If this person had acted alone, lead a double-life and secretly done terrible things, I might never have cared to collect this information. The most painful realization was that these things could never have been done alone, at every step of the way the Community had to have protected him, covered up the stories and shushed the victims. This event lead me to the tragic realization that the Open, Tolerant and Progressive Hacker Community of which I believed myself a member - was no more than a figment of my imagination. It is fair to say that in my heart I believe the victims, but I have chosen to maintain this repository with the highest level of impartiality that I can, so I might sleep at night even if I am proven to be wrong.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

The Accusations

Rape / Sexual Assault

Rape Threat

Harassement / Abuse / Bullying / Threats


Rumors & "I was warned"


Statements from Organizations

Evidence of Coverup

The Timeline (oldest at the bottom)

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If you have additional information which you would like to contribute, your help is most welcome but please consider the following guidelines.

  • Sourced material only, must include a link, twitter messages are optimal
  • Must include a timestamp, times are given in GMT+2 - Paris time (deal with it)
  • Entries must be filed in order by time
  • First hand accounts are most highly valued: "I am ____ and during ___, Jake did ____ to me."
  • Second hand accounts also highly valued: "I knew someone who was ___, I was there."
  • Statements from organizations such as TorProject, noisebridge, cDc and CCC
  • People saying "I knew Jake for xxx time and never heard of anything like that"
  • People saying "Person Y is compromised for Z reason".

If you think your contribution is worthy, please make a PR but also remember this is MY timeline so what is worth including is at my discretion (also deal with it).


It is very important that the information in this repository is accurate and fair to all involved. If you feel that any of the information is in any way inaccurate, misrepresented or miscategorized, you must open an issue on the Github bug tracker and explain your reasoning. Private or anonymous messages will be ignored and private threats or harassment may be publicized if they are deemed newsworthy.

Further Reading