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#ifndef HEX_H
#define HEX_H
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
/** Returned by Hex_decode() if the input is not valid hex. */
#define Hex_BAD_INPUT -1
/** Returned by Hex_decode() or Hex_encode() if the output buffer is too small. */
#define Hex_TOO_BIG -2
int Hex_encode(uint8_t *output,
const uint32_t outputLength,
const uint8_t* in,
const uint32_t inputLength);
int Hex_decode(uint8_t* output,
const uint32_t outLength,
const uint8_t* in,
const uint32_t inputLength);
bool Hex_isHexEntity(const uint8_t character);
int Hex_decodeByte(const uint8_t highNibble, const uint8_t lowNibble);
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