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#ifndef WRITER_H
#define WRITER_H
/* size_t */
#include <stdlib.h>
/* uint64_t */
#include <stdint.h>
* Writer interface which writes data to a destination and fails safe rather than overflowing.
struct Writer {
/** The internal state of the Writer. */
void* const context;
* Write some content from a buffer or other source.
* @param toWrite a pointer to a memory location where content will be sourced from.
* @param length the number of bytes to write.
* @param this the Writer which is being called. Use: writer->write(X, Y, writer);
* @return 0 if write went well, -1 if there is no more space to write.
* if a write fails then all subsequent writes will fail with the same error
* so writing a large piece of content then a small footer does not require
* checking if the content wrote correctly before writing the footer.
int (* const write)(const void* toWrite, size_t length, const struct Writer* this);
uint64_t (* const bytesWritten)(const struct Writer* writer);
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