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Should´ve used sudo su

Sudo does not work on a single line with `&`
Or it becomes ugly as `echo <password> | sudo -S`
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@@ -253,7 +253,8 @@ If you want to have your logs written to a file:
If you want to be able to close your terminal and you don't use screen:
- sudo ./cjdroute < cjdroute.conf > /dev/null &
+ sudo su
+ ./cjdroute < cjdroute.conf > /dev/null &
NOTE: when you use `&`, remember that you will have cjdroute processes running in the background
if you are having problems use `killall cjdroute` to return to sanity. Use `pgrep cjdroute` or `top` to see if it running.

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