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update nacl

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commit ca2fa189348df72b59cf3f60dfd9d298920ee780 1 parent c63e892
Caleb James DeLisle authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 cmake/modules/FindNACL.cmake
4 cmake/modules/FindNACL.cmake
@@ -66,10 +66,10 @@ if(NOT NACL_FOUND)
string(REPLACE ";" "," func "${functions}")
# the name of the tag
- set(tag "0a387076a7907d445eed0084e9a67dcc085ce0b0.tar.gz")
+ set(tag "be018fa84564e13334f95e6e8995f70459dd2738.tar.gz")
# the sha256 of the tar.gz file
- set(hash "e6ebe4f71541b56ad801d36e8bc3db8b3bfd08a738514333826b0db2afeadfde")
+ set(hash "14551abb645a312601d410c1f72a6ebc1c250df9982c80bdc054a2d3d9fcbc82")
set(file ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/nacl_ep-prefix/src/${tag})
set(AssertSHA256 ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/cmake/modules/AssertSHA256.cmake)
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