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Cleaned up grammar for clarity.

@evbogue evbogue Update README.md
Cleaned up grammar for clarity.
@cjdelisle cjdelisle commented on the diff Nov 18, 2012
the next bits in the label tell them to. Routers have a responsibility to
-"keep in touch" with other routers that are numerically close to their address
-and also routers which are physically close to them.
+"keep in touch" with other routers that are both numerically and physically close to their address.
cjdelisle Nov 18, 2012

this is not quite correct
Numerically close to their address while being physically close to the actual router.

@cjdelisle cjdelisle commented on the diff Nov 18, 2012
@@ -72,8 +69,8 @@ A live testing network exists with at least 150 active nodes.
The software has been tested and is known to work on x86, amd64, ARMv5, ARMv7,
MIPS, PowerPC32 and PowerPC64. It is continually tested on Linux and Apple OSX
cjdelisle Nov 18, 2012

While you're at it, it's now continually tested on Linux, Apple OSX, Illumos, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD


Thanks for the help, I'm anxious to get this pulled as I never have enough time for readme files.

@cjdelisle cjdelisle pushed a commit that closed this pull request Dec 14, 2012
@alexander-bauer alexander-bauer Apply cjd's suggestions in evbogue's pull request
evbogue's fork of CJDNS which made these changes does not seem to be
accessible anymore. I applied his changes (using the .patch file still
available on GitHub,) and attampted to address cjd's comments.

This should probably close #140
@cjdelisle cjdelisle closed this in 37e09d0 Dec 14, 2012
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