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--daemon and --config-file #86

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ghost commented May 11, 2012

this patch does a lot of things:

  • introduces --config-file (defaults to /etc/cjdns/cjdroute.conf), and reads configuration from this file instead of stdin
  • introduces --log-file (defaults to /var/log/cjdroute.log) to print output to, instead of stdout/stderr
  • introduces --daemon mode, to fork into the background like a mature linux daemon
  • introduces short config options (e.g. --config-file can be abbreviated with -c)

tested on macos and linux (debian)

ghost commented May 12, 2012

a good practise would be, to source out the privatekey (and probably publickey/ipv6) to an external configuration file, that should be enforced to 0600.


I'd really rather keep anything I can out of the main binary, my plan at the moment is to move cjdroute.c to cjdroute-internal.c and make cjdroute-internal have an api which is not guaranteed to be the same from day to day while a new python or perl script will take the place of cjdroute and provide the amenities to the user.

@ghost ghost closed this Sep 9, 2012
This issue was closed.
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