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Cjdnsnode - The cjdns supernode Build Status

A supernode is a replicating database of node/link information, it's collected by scanning the network for peers but PLEASE DON'T ENABLE SCANNING, there is another snode scanning and you can simply connect to it's socket and listen for all of the updates sent right to your door.

Snode allows dumping of its internal state using TCP/JSON (replication socket) and it allows querying to get a path between any 2 nodes given by their keys using UDP/Benc.


(tested working on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS)

  • npm install

  • Install and start postgresql, and run the initdb.sql: $ sudo -u postgres psql < initdb.sql

  • Create the config file: $ cp config.example.js config.js

  • Start the node: $ nodejs server.js

To query a path from your local node:

echo -n 'd1:q2:gr3:src54:3fdqgz2vtqb0wx02hhvx3wjmjqktyt567fcuvj3m72vw5u6ubu70.k3:tar54:1220u65349nljc5fwy1tyvm0j24bwgcj75rx09ukvd94vhg858b0.k4:txid4:abcde' | nc -u ::1 9001