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πŸ”— High-performance link shortener written in Rust


πŸ’Ύ Hosting

In addition to being easy to build from source (cargo build --release), shorty is available as a Docker image on both Docker Hub and GitHub Container Registry.

🏁 Prerequisites

  • Some sort of Docker or Rust-compatible hosting. runs on CapRover, for example, but Heroku is a good free option.
  • A Postgres database (Heroku Postgres is your friend if you're running shorty on Heroku)

🌎 Environment variables

  • DATABASE_URL - a valid Postgres URL, e.g. postgres://user:password@localhost:5432/database (automatically set when using Heroku Postgres)
  • TOKEN - your desired API token; only required if you're using the API (described below).
  • PORT - Change the port the server listens on; defaults to 8000

πŸ‘€ Public links page

There's a page available at /links that displays all links with the public field set to true.

Check out for an example!

If you haven't set up a redirect for the root URL, it'll show this page as well.

πŸ“‘ API

You can use shorty's API to add/remove links. No UI is available quite yet, but will be soon!


Provide your TOKEN (described above) as a bearer token, so set the Authorization header to Bearer <token>. Example: curl -H "Authorization: Bearer token1234" http://localhost:8000/api/example/route


POST requests must all contain JSON payloads. x-www-form-urlencoded is not supported.


All responses are JSON, and follow this rough schema:

  // False if something went wrong
  "ok": true,

  // Will be a string if something went wrong
  "err": null,

  "data": {
    // Response data here...

πŸ“‹ GET /api/link - list all links

This method has no options.

βž• POST /api/link - create a named link


  • url (string, required) - The URL the redirect to.
  • name (string, optional) - The link's name. Leave blank to randomly generate a 5-character ID.
  • public (bool, optional) - Whether or not to display this link on the public links page.
  • description (string, optional) - This field is displayed on the public links page (if public is set to true)

ℹ️ Note: / and root are special values for <name> that create redirects for the root URL. You may use either.

πŸ“ PATCH /api/link/<name> - update a named link


This method takes the same parameters as POST /api/link, except they're all optional.

ℹ️ Note: Please URL encode the <name> parameter if necessary; / will become %2F

❌ DELETE /api/link/<name> - delete a named link

example: curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8000/api/link/gh

ℹ️ Note: Please URL encode the <name> parameter if necessary; / will become %2F

πŸš— Roadmap

Check the issues page for more information on in-progress features!