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There is no way to delete an avatar #1

wad opened this Issue May 7, 2012 · 4 comments

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wad commented May 7, 2012

This would be pretty useful.

psxpaul commented May 7, 2012

Currently, you can do an HTTP DELETE to http://:40180/board/BOARD_NAME/objects/OBJECT_ID
e.g.: http://localhost:40180/board/TestBoard/objects/198

If you open the developer tools in Firefox or Chrome, go to the network tab, and drag the avatar you'd like to delete, you will see a PUT request. Doing a DELETE request for that same URL will delete the avatar.

So, this should be some simple http and javascript code to add a little X button when you hover over an avatar, and send the DELETE request.

wad commented May 7, 2012

+1 on the little X button.


I'd prefer to have a bucket I drop dead avatars into rather than putting a button on the avatar.

@jking-roar jking-roar was assigned May 22, 2012
@jking-roar jking-roar closed this May 22, 2012

Fixed with a little X button. Available after a 3 second hover on the avatar

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