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Run puppet-rspec in a closed environment
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  • docker
  • docker-compose


Start your env:

$ docker-compose up

It will mount the following volumes (paths and files) into your container:

  • ~/work
  • ~/.vimrc
  • ~/.gitconfig

You can mount your own volumes by editing the docker-compose.yaml file and put your volume in the volumes section.

Now you can jump into your container:

$ docker exec -it rspec-container_rspec_1 /bin/bash

rspec puppet openstack's projects

You can use this environment to run your puppet tests (rspec).

In this recipe we will describe to you how to run tests from openstack/puppet-cinder project.

If you don't already have cloned this project then clone it in your env by using git:

$ cd ~
$ git clone
$ cd puppet-cinder

Now setup your bundle environment to execute your tests:

$ bundle install
$ # be sure to add binaries to your env
$ export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin:/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin
$ bundle exec rake rspec

The previous command execute the tests available in the puppet-cinder project.

If everything is ok you will see a message who looks like to something like:

Finished in 1 minute 51.47 seconds (files took 2 minutes 4.5 seconds to load)
1050 examples, 0 failures 

This example show you how to test your developments and your new tests on similar projects.

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