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remove stuff about Makefile; add mention of MattOates and BioInfo

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@@ -57,14 +57,13 @@ To run a single test:
prove -e 'perl6' t/Root.
-I also have a simple `Makefile` that can be used to precompile some modules.
-This is essentially a legacy of the older method for testing code, back when
-tests would take a long time to run. This is less of an issue now, but
-precompilation **does** speed things up.
# Notes
Perl 6 is a specification and thus can represent multiple implementations. More
in the Perl 6 [synopses](
+# Related
+* [Matt Oates]( has some nice Perl6 bioinformatics code implemented in the [BioInfo project]( that demonstrates some of the power of Perl6, including slangs and concurrency.
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