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;; File unparse.clj
;; Written by Chris Frisz
;; Created 15 Apr 2012
;; Last modified 20 Oct 2012
;; Testing for the correctness of unparse.
;; Note that tests the involve 'fn' expressions will only succeed for
;; fresh runs of the test from the command line, a la "lein test."
(ns ctco.test.unparse
(:use [clojure.test]
[ctco.parse :only (parse)])
(:require [ctco.expr
app simple cont def fn if simple-op]
[ctco.protocol :as proto])
(:import [
Cont AppCont]
DefCps DefSrs DefTriv]
IfCps IfSrs IfTriv]
SimpleOpCps SimpleOpSrs SimpleOpTriv]
(defn- strip-fn-name [expr]
(if (list? expr)
(let [fst (first expr)]
(if (and (= fst 'clojure.core/fn) (symbol? (fnext expr)))
(cons fst (map strip-fn-name (nnext expr)))
(map strip-fn-name expr)))
(deftest app-test
(is (= '(x y z) (proto/unparse (parse '(x y z)))))
(is (= '((clojure.core/fn ([x] x)) 5)
(strip-fn-name (proto/unparse (parse '((fn [x] x) 5))))))
(is (= '((clojure.core/fn ([x y z] (* x 3))) 7 3 12)
(proto/unparse (parse '((fn [x y z] (* x 3)) 7 3 12)))))))
(deftest simple-test
(is (= 5 (proto/unparse (parse 5))))
(is (= 25883 (proto/unparse (parse 25883))))
(is (= '(quote stuff) (proto/unparse (parse '(quote stuff))))))
(deftest cont-test
(is (= '(clojure.core/with-meta (clojure.core/fn [x] x) {:kont true})
(proto/unparse (Cont. (Simple. 'x) (Simple. 'x)))))
(is (= '((clojure.core/with-meta (clojure.core/fn [x] x) {:kont true})
(quote thonk))
(proto/unparse (AppCont. (Cont. (Simple. 'x) (Simple. 'x))
(Simple. (quote 'thonk)))))))
(deftest defn-test
(is (= '(def id (clojure.core/fn id ([x] x)))
(proto/unparse (parse '(defn id [x] x)))))
(is (= '(def id (clojure.core/fn id ([x] x) ([x y] x)))
(proto/unparse (parse '(defn id ([x] x) ([x y] x)))))))
(deftest if-test
(is (= '(if 3 4 5) (proto/unparse (parse '(if 3 4 5)))))
(is (= '(if ((clojure.core/fn ([x] x)) 3) 4 5)
(strip-fn-name (proto/unparse (parse '(if ((fn [x] x) 3) 4 5)))))))
(deftest thunk-test
(is (= '(clojure.core/with-meta (clojure.core/fn [] (quote stuff)) {:thunk true})
(proto/unparse (Thunk. (Simple. ''stuff))))))
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