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This is the Emacs user directory setup written by Chris Frisz. It
provides a number of global and programming-language customizations to
Emacs, all of which are tested on Emacs 23 and should be compatible
with Emacs 22 (though that hasn't been tested yet).
There are two major components to this repository, listed as follows:
The .emacs file used to load all of the contents of this
repository. It is assumed to be in the top-level user
directory. In other words, Emacs will not find this file
(without customization through *another* .emacs file) unless
it is placed outside this repository. This file includes all
of the language-specific customizations that I use. Previously
these settings were kept in separate files in the "lang-decls"
directory, but there appeared to be some scoping issues
related to loading external files during the inititialization
process. The languages with customizations are as follows:
A directory containing custom Emacs Lisp function
definitions. The current set are as follows:
A simple file to load all the other scripts in the
directory. Also adds appropriate hooks as necessary.
A set of functions useful across functions. By
convention I load this in any place that uses the
functions rather than depending on load order.
An interactive function, callable by "M-x
insert-file-doc" which inserts file-level
documentation into the top of a file, including the
file's name, author name, creation date (current date
as of running the script), and last modified date
(also the current date as of writing the script). This
should work for all languages with proper
customizations (given in the "lang" directory), but as
of yet isn't robust to buffers with different language
A function to update the "Last modified" date for the
file as generated by the "insert-file-doc"
function. This is added as a "before-save-hook"
function and isn't really intended for interactive use
(since it should do automatic work for you).
This having been written up fairly quickly and as-of-yet with little
documentation, there are many traps to fall into both with
undiscovered bugs and undocumented requirements for certain
features. Please use this at your own risk and contact me at with any questions or comments.
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