Plugin to publish animated SVG content from Animate CC with the Snap.svg javascript library
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Snap.svg Animator

This is a Plugin for Animate CC exporting animated SVG using the Snap.svg javascript library to render content.

Install Plugin

There are two ways to install the plug-in. Once the plug-in is installed you can create a new 'SnapSVGAnimator' document and publish like normal.

Adobe Add-Ons Portal

Install the plug-in from the Adobe add-ons site.

Manage Extensions Utility

Install and run the Manage Extensions Utility following the instruction for your platform. Use it to install the .ZXP file.


External contributions can be made in the form of a Pull Request to the dev branch.

More Info

Installing Plug-Ins

More instructions on installing plug-ins can be found here.

Building Custom Platform Plug-Ins

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