A Faceted search extension for ActiveRecord using SQL
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A faceted search extension for ActiveRecord


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'facetious'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install facetious


  require 'facetious'

  class MyRecord < ActiveRecord::Base
    facet :options

Options (may be provided in-order or in the trailing hash, or mixed) are:

  • :name (mandatory)
  • :field_name (if different from the :name, or :where is used and you need to include a table name)
  • :data_type => :string (default), :integer, :strings, :integers, :date (not yet implemented), :your_type
  • :facet_title => "A String you can use in your form generator"
  • :where => "SQL WHERE condition ?"; used to include an EXISTS clause when your facet value is in a joined table. Note that the question-mark will be substituted by the search conditions generated from the facet search values.

Inbuilt Data Types are:

  • :string
  • :integer
  • :date (not yet implemented)
  • :strings (when you want to use "field IN (value_list)" instead of equality comparison
  • :integers (same, but for integers)
  • :your_custom_type may be used if you assign a converter proc to Facetious::Facet::ValueConverters[:your_custom_type]


  MyRecord.where_clause_for_facets(:postcode => "2069, 3000-3999", :suburb_name => "Rose%", :railway_station => "-")
  => "(postcode = 2069 OR postcode >= 3000 AND postcode < 3999) AND suburb_name LIKE 'Rose%' AND NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM railway_stations WHERE my_records.station_id = railway_stations.id)"
  MyRecord.find_by_facets(:postcode => "2069, 3000-3999", :suburb_name => "Rose%").include(:some_association)

where_clause_for_facets generates the appropriate SQL WHERE condition for the values in the parameters hash find_by_facets does MyRecord.where(where_clause_for_facets(parameters))

Search values

Values for a facet may be:

  • "value" Find records having this value for the specified field
  • "val%ue" Find records using an SQL LIKE match
  • "<value" Find records having values less than the one provided
  • "<=value" Find records having values less than or equal to the one provided
  • ">=value" Find records having values greater than or equal to the one provided
  • ">value" Find records having values greater than the one provided
  • "value1..value2" Find records having values between the ones provided (inclusive)
  • "value1, value2, ..." Find records having values matching any of the ones provided (these may include the above patterns)
  • "-" No value (i.e. NULL or empty, or NOT EXISTS (if :where condition start with EXISTS))

All values are SQL escaped to prevent SQL injection.


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  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
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