A repository for the Space Apps Challenge to develop a data translator from spreadsheets in ad hoc formats to the Humanitarian Exchange Language.
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International SpaceApp Challenge 2012


In a humanitarian crisis, the data generated by all the organizations involved in the relief effort is difficult to coordinate. Humanitarians will usually send excel files to a central coodinator, but there is no way of making them use a standardized structure for their files.

This tool that allows a humanitarian in the field to upload their data in a way that can be aggregated and queried. The application accepts excel files of any structure, has a user interface for annotating them, and converts them to hxl, a format for capturing unstructured semantic data.
Team members:
CJ Hendrix - #SpaceAppsLausanne
Andréas Kündig - #SpaceAppsLausanne
Fauzan Erich Emmerling - #SpaceAppsJakarta

Running live demo available at http://hxlator.appspot.com
build with:

  • Flask
  • Brunch 0.8.1