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The Timber wordpress plugin (https://github.com/jarednova/timber) and the Wordpress-MTV plugin (https://github.com/newsapps/wordpress-mtv) to make a Wordpress theme that both follows the Model-Template-Viewer pattern and is super nice to work with.

##Why The Would I do this? Wordpress MTV does a good job of making Wordpress follow the MTV pattern. It simplifies many of the minor annoyances that come with Wordpress templates. The Models and Views work as you'd expect and function well, but the Template portion is farmed off to Twig and left to its own devices.

###Enter Timber Timber has a narrower scope than Wordpress MTV. It just wants to make Wordpress use Twig well. To that end it has many juicy helpers to smooth out the process of taking Wordpress's native, rather nasty template tags and making them play with Twig.

###Obvious Marriage Wordpress MTV could use help with its Twig integration. Timber nothing but Twig integration. Everyone's happy and more productive.