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Distributed Block Minimization for Nonlinear Kernel SVM (PBM-SVM)

PBM-SVM is a distributed version of LIBSVM using a distributed greedy coordinate descent algorithm. Please note that the current version only supports binary classification (with label +1 and -1). For more details about this algorithm please refer to the following paper:

Communication-Efficient Distributed Block Minimization forNonlinear Kernel Machines
Si Si, Cho-Jui Hsieh, and Inderjit S. Dhillon, 2017. 


To build the program, simply run make. Note that you might need to modify the compiler varibles in the Makefile:

CXX = icc MPICXX = mpicxx

CXX is the compiler (GCC/G++), where we do not need the c++11 support. MPICXX is the mpi compiler. For example, you may specify CXX=g++ and MPICXX=mpicxx.mpich2

Two binaries, svm-train-mpi (for distributed training) and svm-predict (for predicting with a single machine) will be built.

Data Preparation

We have included the covtype dataset:

covtype: covtype_train is training data and covtype_test is testing data

We support the datasets in the LIBSVM format (where we only consider binary classifcation with labels +1/-1). You can download other datasets from LIBSVM datasets http://www.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~cjlin/libsvmtools/datasets/binary.html


./svm-train-mpi [options] training_set_file test_set_file 
-g gamma : set gamma in kernel function (default 1/num_features)
-c cost : set the parameter C of C-SVC, epsilon-SVR, and nu-SVR (default 1)
-m cachesize : set cache memory size in MB (default 100)
-e epsilon : set tolerance of termination criterion (default 0.1)
-T T : set the maximum number of outer iterations (default 10)
-A A : set the solver type (0: our method(default), 1: SGD)
-R R : set the cluster (0: kmeans(default), 1:random)
-F F : set the function type (0: SVM(default), 1:logistic regression)
-N N : set the number of threads per machine (default: environment variable OMP_NUM_THREADS)
-D D : D=0: not using divide-and-conquer (default), D=1: using divide-and-conquer
-p p : print out the accuracy/objective function every p seconds (default p=10)


See the following files for running the experiments with sbatch:

go_cov_multicore_random.sh: Run the covtype dataset with 32 machines (each 20 cores) with random partition.

go_cov_multicore.sh: Run the covtype dataset with 32 machines (each 20 cores) with kmeans partition.

go_cov_multicore_dc.sh: Run the covtype dataset with 32 machines (each 20 cores) with kmeans partition and divide-and-conquer strategy.

Additional Information

If your have any questions or comments, please open an issue on Github, or send an email to chohsieh@ucdavis.edu. We appreciate your feedback.