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MIUIAndroid MIUI9 Korean Translations.

This is repository for MIUIAndroid MultiRom project.


ingbrzy - Builder of MultiRom, Bug reports.
cjhyuky - Builder of MIUI9 Korean translation
bradly1 - Collaborator of MIUI9 Korean translation
xiaomiqm - Collaborator of MIUI9 Korean translation


Thanks to Xiaomistory, ruinses, ginam kim, lecahel(for bug reports and translation suggestions).

This sources are based on the Korean translation pack from's global ROM.

If you have any requests, then email me with screenshot

요청사항이 있으시면 cjhyuky@gmail.com이나 카카오톡 오픈채팅방에 스크린샷과 함께 제보주세요~^^

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