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Osiris Examples

Example projects built with Osiris.

  • Java - An application where all the logic is written in Java except the API definition.
  • DynamoDB - An application that uses AWS DynamoDB as its data store. Demonstrates how to create and refer to other AWS resources from an Osiris app.
  • Custom Auth - Two projects showing how custom authorisation logic can be used to control access to API endpoints.
    • Custom Auth 1 - The custom authorisation lambda is defined and deployed as part of the same project as the API.
    • Custom Auth 2 - The custom authorisation lambda is assumed to be defined separately. The ARN of the custom authorisation lambda must be specified in the configuration of the Osiris Maven plugin.
  • Cognito - An application that uses Cognito for auth
  • Binary - An application that uses binary MIME types.
  • Lumigo - An application that integrates with the Lumigo monitoring platform.

See the individual project directories for a detailed description.


Example projects built with Osiris



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